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Davis Maths Mastery Programme

“In a maths problem, there are always three pieces of information. Two pieces are given. Doing Maths is simply finding the third piece of information.” ~ Ronald D. Davis

The Davis Maths Mastery Programme is appropriate for children and adults who have Dyscalculia or Acalculia, which may present as difficulties in any of the following areas:

The Davis Maths Mastery Programme has a high success rate because it addresses the root cause of the learning difficulty, rather than just trying to fix the symptoms. It provides a lifetime of correction because the tools taught can be used throughout life and outside of school.

The duration of a Davis Math Mastery Programme is 5-8 days, depending on the needs of the client. Clients who have already completed a basic Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme may require less time to complete the Maths Programme.

The Davis Maths Mastery Programme includes:

On completion of a Davis Maths Mastery Programme, many of the following skills and benefits are usually achieved:

For clients with other additional learning problems, it may be advisable for them to first complete a Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme or a Davis Attention Mastery Programme prior to doing the Davis Maths Mastery Programme. The recommended solutions and strategies for each individual client are discussed and proposed during the initial consultation.

For more information, or to arrange an initial consultation, contact:

Amanda du Toit, Licensed Davis Facilitator


mail24 Lightwood Way, Beaumont Hills, NSW 2155

phone02-8064 7248 mobile04-0556 5338

emailComplete this simple contact form or email info@dyslexia-matters.com.au.

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