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figure holding missing piece of jigsaw puzzleProgramme Overview

“I believe the potential for genius in some form exists in all of us, if only we have a foundation on which to build our thinking and a goal we desire to achieve.”
~ Ronald D. Davis

The Davis programmes are designed by Ron Davis, who is dyslexic, and their success can be attributed to the fact that they are based on an understanding of how dyslexics actually think and how their brain functions.

For many, doing a Davis programme with a qualified facilitator may be the first time in their life that they actually feel understood, and they begin to believe in themselves and their abilities as they realise that there is another way to learn which is better suited to their learning style.

testing if jigsaw piece fitsInitial Consultation & Assessment

The Initial Consultation and Assessment takes 2-3 hours and involves discussions and assessments done with the individual and, in the case of a child, with at least one parent. There are no exam-like tests involved, and all client information is kept strictly confidential.

The purpose of the consultation is to determine which of the Davis Programmes would be appropriate for the person’s particular learning problems, as well as to gain an understanding of their expected outcome and objectives for the programme, including the level of motivation they have in achieving those objectives. In order for the programme to be a success, the client needs to have the motivation and willingness to take on the responsibility of working towards their goals and objectives.

Some medications can interfere with the effectiveness of a programme, so it is vital that all medicines and drugs currently being taken are disclosed during the consultation, so that their possible effects regarding the programme can be taken into consideration.

The next step would be to book a programme, if required, and to secure the booking with a deposit.

The Programme

putting the pieces togetherGenerally, a programme consists of 30 hours spent one-on-one with a facilitator over 5 or 6 consecutive days. Each programme is tailored to the individual’s needs and is paced accordingly. It is conducted in a gentle, positive, and fun manner with plenty of breaks during the course of the day.

The various elements of a programme are specific to the type of programme being implemented as well as the specific needs of the client, but all programmes generally include the following:

On the last day of the programme, a family member or “support person” is required to join in on the session where they will receive comprehensive training on how to help the client at home when doing their follow-up work.

After the Programme

The client departs on the last day of the programme with a sound knowledge of Davis techniques which they are to implement into their everyday life. They will also have all the essential materials to continue with the home-based part of the programme.

It is very important that the client continues with the home-based follow-up work in the months following their programme, as this will ensure an even greater degree of success. Clients are, therefore, encouraged to attend the follow-up sessions with the facilitator and to contact us via telephone or e-mail for support and advice – all of which is at no extra charge.

four jigsaw pieces joined togetherTypes of Programmes Available

No two individuals are completely alike and each one will present with a different set of learning problems. Therefore, the “one-size-fits-all” approach is avoided and each programme is tailored to fit the individual’s needs and goals for the programme.

The four core Davis programmes are:

For more information, or to arrange an initial consultation, contact:

Amanda du Toit, Licensed Davis Facilitator


mail24 Lightwood Way, Beaumont Hills, NSW 2155

phone02-8064 7248 mobile04-0556 5338

emailComplete this simple contact form or email info@dyslexia-matters.com.au.

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