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How do I know if it is dyslexia?

Have a look at the list of 37 Common Characteristics of Dyslexia.
Take the on-line assessment.
Contact Dyslexia Matters to arrange an Initial Consultation where your questions can be answered and a personal assessment can be done.

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Can Dyslexia be cured?

No. Dyslexia is not a disease that needs curing. It is a different way of thinking and learning that creates problems when symbols such as letters and numerals are encountered. Dyslexia can, however, be corrected through the tools and solutions provided within a Davis Programme.

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Should I be diagnosed with Dyslexia before doing a Davis programme?

No. During the Initial Consultation, an evaluation is made regarding the individual’s learning needs and whether the Davis programme is the most appropriate solution for them. Our focus is not on the diagnosis, but rather the problem, for which help is being sought, irrespective of whether it is Dyslexia or some other label or diagnostic category.

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What improvement can I expect to see after a programme?

During a programme, all clients acquire the ability to recognise, and correct, disorientations at will. They learn how to eliminate confusions in words and symbols and also how to manage their energy levels and to focus their attention. Specific areas of improvement will differ from client to client, depending on the motivation and maturity of the client, as well as their own specific needs and goals for the programme.

In addition to an improvement in literacy and/or numeracy skills, clients typically experience an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem which in itself will contribute to further achievements. Future progress is also determined by motivation, support at home, completion of follow-up work, and continued and regular use of the tools and techniques learned in the programme.

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Does the programme work for adults?

Yes. All Davis programmes on offer are suitable for adults and have the same success rate as they do with children. Many dyslexic adults have achieved an improvement in one or more of the following areas after completing a programme: Literacy, arithmetic, staying focused at work, following instructions, balls skills, balance, following directions or map reading, time management, writing down telephone numbers or messages correctly, stress management, etc. Some of the benefits reported by adults have included: Higher self-esteem, improved self-confidence, less frustration and/or anger, better stress management, improvement in personal and work relationships, happier.

If you think you, or someone you know, may be dyslexic, or has a related condition such as ADHD, have a look at the list of adult characteristics and contact Dyslexia Matters for more information.

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How is this programme different from others?

All Davis programmes are tailored to suit the needs and goals of each individual client, so that they can get the full benefit from the programme.

Many other learning aids or programmes address only the symptoms of learning difficulties, often involving a lot of drill and repetition which dyslexics usually find very boring and tedious. The Davis methods, however, address the root cause of learning difficulties and employ the natural ability and creative talent of the individual to make learning far more meaningful, and fun, for them.

Typically, clients realise that their style of learning is being recognised, properly understood, and accepted, and they are shown how to implement this mode of learning in a way that works well for them – this is very empowering and does wonders for their self-esteem.

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Is it OK to be on medication when doing a programme?

Some medicines, particularly those that affect the central nervous system, could affect the success of certain elements of the programme. Doing the Davis programme will not harm an individual who is taking medication, but in order to obtain the full benefits of a programme, it is very important to mention all medications currently being taken so that this can be taken into consideration.

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Can the Davis method help solve other learning problems?

Yes. Dyslexia is used as an umbrella term to cover not only problems with reading, but also many other related learning disability categories. Davis methods have been used successfully to bring about improvement for the following conditions: Dyslexia, ADD or ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia or Acalculia, Dysgraphia or Agraphia, Poor working memory, Auditory Processing Disorder.

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Is it okay to miss school to do a programme?

If your child is struggling at school and their confidence and well-being are being adversely affected, missing a week of school is not going to make a big difference. The improvement in self-esteem, and in their abilities, will more than make up for the missed week of school. Generally, teachers are very supportive of students taking time off school in order to do a programme.

It is possible to do a programme during the school holidays, but it is not usually the optimal time to do it because most children with learning difficulties really do need a break, and also they are often far less motivated about doing the programme in the holidays when their friends are all off from school and having fun.

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Where can I read more about Davis methods?

The following books are a great place to start:

You can get a list of books that cite Ron Davis' work from here: www.dyslexia.com/science/booklist.htm

You will also find more information and articles on Dyslexia here: www.dyslexia.com/library.htm#index

Visit the Davis website for further information: www.dyslexia.com

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What is my next step?

Contact Dyslexia Matters to arrange a no-obligation Initial Consultation where we can meet to discuss any further questions you may have, and to assess your requirements.

For more information, or to arrange an initial consultation, contact:

Amanda du Toit, Licensed Davis Facilitator


mail24 Lightwood Way, Beaumont Hills, NSW 2155

phone02-8064 7248 mobile04-0556 5338

emailComplete this simple contact form or email info@dyslexia-matters.com.au.

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